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Stewardship Commission:

Reports on Listening Tour -- May 2012 - September 2012


Stewardship Resources:  

List of Resources of Stewardship (annotated)
on the website of the Diocese of El Camino Real
Year-round Stewardship
  1. Models for Integrating Year-Round Stewardship. 20 pages comprising of a description of a planning matrix designed by The Rev. Lance Ousley, Chair of the Diocese of Texas’ Commission on Stewardship and revised by M. Young of the Diocese of Olympia. Contains description of seven categories, including spirituality, ministry, finance, environment, outreach, gratitude, and event with a stewardship focus. Provides a matrix program with examples of activities. 
  2. A Plan for Stewardship Education and Development through the Year. Rev. David W. Gordon, Morehouse Publishing. An outline manual for congregations with three goals: to develop a deep understanding of Christian Stewardship, to present a plan for implementing that understanding, and to implement Stewardship as a year-round activity. Gordon is the former Stewardship Officer of the Diocese of New York (1982-1992). The 68-page book provides considerable detail for congregational use.
  3. Year Round Stewardship and Annual Commitment. 135 pages. Workshop sponsored by TENS in February 2011. This document compiles a number of excellent resources including a list of stewardship hymns, how to share stories, popular financial commitment programs, worship bulletin and newsletter resources, and a number of samples of stewardship programs and resources.
  4. MASTER Year Round Stewardship Planning Grid. This document is a blank grid which is described in #1 of this resource list. 
    5.   Sample Year Round Stewardship Planning Grid. This document is a filled-in sample of the Planning Grid (see #1 & #8) 
  1. Stewards.By.Design.   50 slides of a stewardship presentation given in the diocese of Fort Work in 2012 by The Rev. Laurel Johnston. (Slide 23 shows the Six Marks of a Disciple developed at St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church in Mountain View.
  2. Lutheran Stewardship Calendar 06. 1 page. Year-round stewardship calendar developed by the Evangelical Luther Church, using the categories of Theme & Focus, Earthkeeping, Growth, Giftedness, Finances, Lifestyle, Planning.
Resources related to Finances, Budgeting, Planned Giving, etc.
  1. Example. Narrative Budget. 14 pages. A sample of a narrative budget from Grace Episcopal Church, Southgate, Michigan, 2008.
  2. Money Reflection Questions. 1 page. Five questions from the TEC’s Office of Stewardship for discussion of money.
  3. Narrative Budget 2012. 12 pages. Sample diocesan narrative budget from Diocese of Vermont.
  4.  Narrative Budgeting. 12 pages. Guide to use to prepare a narrative budget.
  5. Opening Remarks. 2 pages. It is unclear where these were used and by whom. Sample of a good introduction to talking about the financial challenges of stewardship.
  6. Creating a Narrative Budget for Your Parish. – 35 slides of a presentation given by the Stewardship and Financial Development Committee of the Anglican Diocese of Niagara.
  7. Planned Giving. 5 pages of slides. Workshop slides from the Episcopal Church   Foundation on “Planned Giving: giving from the heart and soul.” 
Best Practices
  1.  Annual Giving Timeline. 2-page schedule for sample pledge drive.
  2. Six Best Practices-Canada. 5 pages. The United Church of Canada published this brief description of six best practices of stewardship, including Operational Management, Stewardship Integration in Worship, Stewardship Formation, Stewardship Leadership, Spiritual-Nurture Opportunities, Engagement in Social Justice Concerns. (2009)
  3. Lay.Witness.Presentation. 1 page. Description of how to do a 3-minute lay witnees stewardship presentation.
  4. Understanding Spiritual Gifts. 7 pages of slides (21) Stewardship is not just about money but is also a manifestation of our spiritual gifts. entations with Note Pages
  5. Thoughts About Stewardship. 1 page – Some thoughts about stewardship and its meaning in our lives. Author unknown. 
  6. Ministries and Corresponding Gifts and Talents. 2 pages. Sample of an exercise to be done after people discern their spiritual gifts, along with some questions to use after doing the exercise.
  7.  Spiritual Gifts Discovery Tool. 8 pages. Tool to be used to help people discern their spiritual gifts, with brief description of each gift and where it is mentioned in the Bible.
  8.  Creating a Culture of Giving – vestry stewardship statement. 2 pages. Description of how a vestry might create a stewardship statement.
  9. The Steward’s Notebook. 40 pages. This document was distributed by Terry Parsons (TEC’s Stewardship Officer) when she came to our diocese in 2006 to do a workshop on stewardship. Includes information on the characteristics of an excellent stewardship program, year round stewardship principles, how to organize a stewardship committee, etc.
  10. Enhancing Your Hospitality. 6 slides. “If Starbuck’s can do it, why can’t we?” Challenging “regulars” to step into the “skins” of a newcomer. 
  11. Pledging and Tithing: What It’s All About. 2 pages. FAQ about pledging and tithing. From St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church, Washington DC.
Theology and Liturgical Aids
  1. Stewardship University. Generous Giving, Joyful Doing.. 46 pages of slides.    Copies of slides used at a workshop which focused on stewardship as part of discipleship, not on the institution, the congregation and its financial needs. (Click HERE for the PPT presentation for notes) 
  2. Stewardship Liturgical Aids. 16 pages. Compiled by The Rev. Laurel Johnston.   Contains information on the commissioning of a Stewardship Ministry Team, Litany for Stewardship, Stewardship Prayers, etc.
  3. Thoughts About Stewardship. 1 page – Some thoughts about stewardship and its meaning in our lives. Author unknown. s
  4. Ask, Thank, Tell (Synopsis). 15 pages. The Rev. Barry Turner of St. Steven’s, SLO, put together this synopsis of Charles Lane’s book, Ask, Thank, Tell. It also includes some good discussion questions to be used if this is book is used for a group study. 
  5. Holy Habits. 1 page. Copy of the resolution that was passed at the January 28, 2006 Diocesan Convention. 
  6. Interview with Walter Breuggemann 8 pages.  The Rev. Laurel Johnston did an interview with Walter Breuggemann who is and ordained ministry in the Church of Christ. He is a scholar and particularly interested in stewardship. 
  7. Websites-Stewardship1 page. List of websites with resources for stewardship. The list is dated so some may no longer be active.
  8. Maslow Meets Jesus. 1 page. This is a chart that was created by Terry Parsons in 1999. She was the national church’s stewardship officer at the time. It shows the levels of understanding and practice of stewardship. 
Resource Lists
  1. Resource.List.2012. 1 page.   List of books, websites, studies, etc. for stewardship. TEC
  2. Stewardship University: Resource List. 7 pages.   Resource list used with the Diocese of Arizona’s Stewardship University workshop. 2010. 
  3. List of “Best Practices” found in the congregations in our diocese. This is a list of all sorts of ministry areas which has been compiled by the now inactive Committee on Vitalization and Growth. This list can be found on the diocesan website (www.edecr.org) under “Mission and Ministry, Canon for Congregational Development and then the link to “Committee on Vitalization and Growth.”   Click HERE to go directly to the resource list.  Updated December 2011