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It can be done!

Join the Millennium Develop Goals Task Force - contact The Rev. Joel Miller, rector@calvarysantacruz.org


UN websites:
Objetivos de desarrollo del Milenio -  www.undp.org/spanish/mdg/basics.shtml





In the time it takes you to read this paragraph, 3 children will die of preventable causes. One child dies every 3 seconds, every day ... that's 30,000 every year.  The same number of adults die every year from hunger, disease, even giving birth.

It shouldn't be this way.  It doesn't have to be.  In 2000, several economists determined that it actually was possible to do something, and in September, 2000, all the nations of the world pledged support to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a mutually agreed upon structure for them to join together and practically address the eight biggest threats to human security in the world today.  These nations pledged an annual contribution of 0.7% of their national budgets. 

The Episcopal Church reaffirmed it's commitment to the MDG's at General Convention 2006 (gc2006.org/legislation/ , and click on resolution A010), including the committing at least 0.7% of the budget to the MDG's.  Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori has stated that these goals are the church's number one priority. Diocesan Convention on October 21, 2006 passed a resolution urging congregations and parishes to commit 0.7% of their income to the MDGs.

The World Bank details the history of the goals and monitors milestones toward meeting them at www.developmentgoals.org .

What Can One Person Do?

Three Episcopal organizations are involved in MDG-related activities. Their Web sites offer ideas and extensive resources:

Diocese of El Camino Real Projects

National Organizations

Find more information and educational materials available through these additional organizations:

Useful Information

Bulletin Inserts

  • Diocesan Convention 2008 passed a resolution to raise awareness of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and that every man, woman and child in the diocese give, at least $1 above their regular giving this year in support of MDGs. Though the amount is a token amount, if everyone participated, the total would be over $12,000. Some obviously will give more than $1. Specifically we are responding to this resolution by making service leaflet inserts available for churches in our diocese over the next eight Sundays. We are also offering a U2charist celebration in your deanery if invited. Please help us promote Millennium Development Goals by using and discussing the attached inserts. A new insert will be available each week, and contact us if you would like to have a U2charist in your deanery to raise awareness and support Millennium Development Goals.
    • General MDG Bulletin Insert - PDFMS Word
      • NOTE:  This goes on the backside of each weekly bulletin insert
      • NOTE:  Updated 1/15/2007
    • Weekly bulletin inserts
      • Week 1:  Bulletin Insert for MDG 1 - PDF / MS Word
      • Week 2:  Bulletin Insert for MDG 2 - PDF / MS Word
        Re-centered 1/22/2007
      • Week 3:  Bulletin Insert for MDG 3 - PDF / MS Word
      • Week 4:  Bulletin Insert for MDG 4 - PDF / MS Word
      • Week 5:  Bulletin Insert for MDG 5 - PDF / MS Word
      • Week 6:  Bulletin Insert for MDG 6 - PDF / MS Word
      • Week 7:  Bulletin Insert for MDG 7 - PDF / MS Word
      • Week 8:  Bulletin Insert for MDG 8 - PDF / MS Word

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