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Chidren & Youth Resources
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Youth Ministry Forms

  • Youth Ministry Forms (Please click the link to the left)
    This PDF contains:
    • Transporting Children and Youth in a Motor Vehicle
    • Confidential Reference Form
    • Application for Children/Youth Workers
  • Parent/Guardian Permission Form - updated 2/2010 (Please click on the link below: PDF or MS/Word)
    Event organizer/leader should send copies of all the permission forms to the diocese office.  A copy should also be provided to the primary parent or guardian, and the original should be kept by the child's congregation for a minimum of 3 years after the event.
  • ECR Background Check Release Form -- Volunteers and staff who work with children and youth must have a background check run.  
  • ECR Event Scholarship form

Youth Advisories

Photo Release Forms

 Safe Church Policy

Safeguarding God's Children/Safeguarding God's People Training

Course Descriptions: 
Safeguarding God's Children – 3 Hour training which includes the following: 
Required for all those who work with or around children
For Parents and Congregations -  Provides a basic understanding of the dynamics of child sexual abuse, how to recognize signs that a child may have been abused, and what to do if you have concerns about a person's behavior toward a child or youth, or if you suspect that a child or youth has been molested. For all adults concerned about children and youth.
For Ministries -  Steps you can take to prevent child sexual abuse in church and other organizational settings. For clergy, employees of churches and church organizations, and volunteers responsible for planning, implementing or supervising ministries, activities or programs for children and youth.
Pastoral or Spiritual Counselors and youth leaders. Vestry members are encouraged to attend.
Safeguarding God's People – 3 Hour training which includes the following:
For those who have a pastoral relationship with others to include Clergy, Stephen Ministers, Eucharistic Visitors, Vocare leaders, Cursillo leaders, Alpha leaders,
  • Preventing Sexual Exploitation for Congregations: In this course you will learn:
    - The definition of, and facts about, sexual exploitation
    - The effects of sexual exploitation
    - Facts about power in pastoral relationships
    - How sexual exploitation happens
    - How to prevent sexual exploitation
    - How to respond to sexual exploitation
  • Preventing Sexual Exploitation For Ministry: In this course you will learn:
    - How sexual exploitation happens
    - How to maintain a healthy ministry
    - How to respond to sexual exploitation

Scheduled workshops for 2013:

Monterey Deanery

Santa Clara Valley Deanery

Episcopal Church in Almaden,October 5,  2013:

   9:00 am - 12:Noon  Safeguarding God's Children

Contact:  Susie Ferguson  susie@thinkuniverse.net 

 On line course available:

Safeguarding On-Line

Over 900 people in our diocese have taken the Safeguarding training learning to recognize the boundary violations that could result in child abuse, adult sexual exploitation or on the job sexual harassment.  This notice is to remind each church, mission and school that these training modules may be accessed on-line.

If a local administrator has not yet been appointed for your church, mission or school, please contact The Rev. Deacon Kathey Crowe, our Diocesan Safeguarding Trainer and she can give your local administrator access to the Safeguarding Modules who will then be able to provide access to others that need the training recertification.  Kathey’s email address is: kathleencrowe@sbcglobal.net.

Now Some Exciting New Additions to Safeguarding On-Line:  In addition to the Safeguarding God’s Children from Child Abuse and Safeguarding God’s People from Sexual Exploitation, The Church Pension Group along with their consultant, Praesidium, has released these new training modules for your use:

Abuse Risk Management for Occasional Volunteers:

This module shows volunteers how molesters operate, the devastating effects of abuse, and the specific steps volunteers can take to prevent abuse and false allegations of abuse.  These training modules are particularly helpful for those who volunteers for Vacation Bible School or Camps.

Abuse Prevention Refresher

Your prior training and on-the-job experience has given you a great foundation for preventing child sexual abuse. In Advanced Abuse Prevention you'll build on this knowledge and learn new information about:

     1. How sexual abuse occurs in organizations.
     2. How to use red flags to keep kids safe.
     3. How to prevent false allegations of abuse.
     4. How to prevent sexual activity between children.
     5. How to apply what you know!

Preventing Sexual Harassment for Workers (those without a supervisory role)

This provides training for employees, volunteers, clergy, managers, supervisors, and church leaders about Sexual Harassment.

In this course, you will learn:

  • The definition of Sexual Harassment under the Law
  • The types of Sexual Harassment
  • Men and Women's Perspective on Sexual Harassment
  • Ways to prevent Sexual Harassment
  • How to respond to Sexual Harassment if it occurs

Preventing Sexual Harassment for Managers and Supervisors (those with supervisory, management or vestry responsibilities should take both modules – for workers and managers and supervisors)

This training provides specific additional information for clergy, managers, supervisors, and church leaders on Sexual Harassment. Both courses will need to be completed by specific groups mentioned.

In this course you will learn:

  • The definition of Sexual Harassment under the Law
  • Scope of the problem
  • The types of Sexual Harassment
  • Men and Women's Perspective on Sexual Harassment
  • Defending against Sexual Harassment
  • Prevention of Sexual Harassment

 Click HERE for the PDF of this document to print.