Frequently Asked Questions About ECRF

Q. What is The EI Camino Real Foundation?

A. A 50I(c)(3) charitable foundation established in 1999 under the laws of the State of California.

Q. How does ECRF relate to the Diocese?

A. ECRF is a separately incorporated charitable foundation that operates independently from but in co-operation with the Diocese of El Camino Real.

Q. What does the ECRF do?

A. The purpose or mission of ECRF is threefold: Advance the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ in the Episcopal Church throughout the Central Coast of California. Assist the congregations and institutions of the Diocese of El Camino Real raise adequate, non-operating, funds for ministry. Invite all Episcopalians of the Diocese of EI Camino Real to share their abundance by enabling their generosity.

Q. Who governs the ECRF?

A. The Foundation is governed by the Board of Trustees comprised of both laity and clergy.

Q. Who does the ECRF serve?

A. The ECRF serves the congregations and institutions of the diocese by partnering with them to raise endowment funds for their mission and ministry objectives beyond what occurs out of the annual budget.

Q. Can the congregations and institutions of the diocese request ECRF to manage their funds?

A. Yes. The ECRF has established policies and guidelines governing the management of funds for the benefit of congregations and institutions of the diocese. Those policies and guidelines will he sent you upon request.

Q. How do we get started working with the ECRF and what is the cost?

A. To request assistance from the ECRF, call the diocesan office and a representative of the foundation will be in touch with the congregation/institution. The ECRF works in conjunction with The Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF) and their representative on the West Coast to assist a congregation/institution in organizing the necessary elements (Structure, Awareness and Response) to initiate a successful effort in building an endowment. All of this at no cost to the congregation or institution.

Q. What is an endowment?

A. An endowment is a permanently restricted fund of a congregation of which only the income earned is used for ministry. Gifts are typically made by individuals from assets other than cash. Such gifts are not intended to be used in supporting the annual operating budget of the congregation or institution. Rather, they are to be joined with other gifts to be used to expand the ministry of the congregation or institution beyond that of the annual operating budget.


Q. Does ECRF compete with local congregations and institutions by raising their own endowment for ministry?

A. No, ECRF does not directly compete with local congregations and institutions in the raising of endowment funds by directly soliciting for their own endowment. However, if a donor wants to leave money to the ECRF for the benefit of the diocese, ECRF is organized and prepared to accept such gifts.

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