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Congregational Development Resources
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Episcopal Resource Center
Located at St. Thomas, Sunnyvale


 Documents from Diocesan Conferences

The Conference Education Resource Team provides several educational events each year.   Contact for Conference Education and Resource Team (CERT):  Ann Wright


Episcopal Church Resources


Congregrational Development Resources

See also Diocesan Administration and Finance Resources.

  • Adult Education - More Opportunities are Better
    This PDF file and others are available from this free downloads link on the Leader Resources web site.
  • Anti-Racism Resource List
    From the Episcopal Church Center, June 2003
  • Bishop's Blend Organic Coffee
  • Coda Alliance
    The Silicon Valley community coalition for end-of-life care.  Coda: A passage at the conclusion of a piece of music, summing up preceding themes and bringing the piece to a satisfactory close.
  • Committee on Vitality and Growth (ECR)
  • Congregational Resource Guide
    The Alban Institute and the Indianapolis Center for Congregations have prepared this Internet-based guide to help congregational leaders connect with the resources they need to solve problems and encourage transformation in their communities of faith.
  • "Congregations" Magazine
    Did you know that the Commission on Congregational Vitalization has arranged for every congregation to receive a year’s subscription to Congregations, the quarterly publication of Alban Institute?  Check with your rector/vicar and be encouraged!  The subscription is for the calendar year 2004 and made possible by a generous grant from the Diocese of Connecticut!
  • Education for Ministry
    An adult formation class intended for the education of the laity in the Episcopal Church. It is also recommended for those considering ordained ministry.
  • Episcopal Resource Center (ECR)
    Serving parishes, missions and staff by collecting, maintaining and circulating resources such as periodical, principal resource topics, teaching materials, and videos/DVD's that aid education, ministry and spiritual growth.
  • Episcopal Science, Technology, and Faith
    Includes a link to the resource "Catechism of Creation".  The Episcopal Church Network for Science, Technology and Faith intends to facilitate dialogue between this Church and members of the scientific, technical, and medical communities, to be an eduational resource for this Church, its seminaries, and the wider Christian community, and to provide guidelines in Christian ethics for use in everyday decisions within contemporary American culture.
  • Godspy Open Forum 
  • Groundwork - Digging Deep for Change and Growth
    Resources for reflection on the study and proclamation of the Lenten Sunday Scripture cycle and learning about evangelism, congregational invitation, and mission in the present changing context.
  • Good News
    Concerned about ways in which to make it possible to discuss difficult matters? You might want to be guided by the excellent document from the Episcopal Divinity School: "Good News - A Congregational Resource for Reconciliation"
  • Kyros Ministry
    An ecumenical ministry, born of and housed in the Congregational Church of San Mateo, CA, led by Rev. Dr. Kibbie Ruth. Kyros provides abuse prevention education, as well as consultation and intervention to many churches in the Bay Area.
  • Live Earth Farms
  • Polarities Exercise - PPT
    Powerpoint file of exercise used at Diocesan Convention 2005
  • Polarities Exercise - PDF
    Exercise done at Diocesan Convention 2005
  • Publishers' Phone Numbers
    From the Episcopal Church Center
  • Sharing in the Spirit
    Lost hope that meetings can be rejuvenating?  Check out the wonderful resource from www.interweave.org: “Sharing in the Spirit group process”!  See also http://www.interweave.org/companf.htm.
  • Simplicity, by the Rev. Renee Miller
  • Small and Rural Church Bibliography
  • Stepping Stones to Spiritual Growth
    Stepping Stones essays will look at films, books, contemporary culture and modern day issues from a spiritual and theological perspective, gleaning insights about our connection to God and our relationships with others. Each of the Stepping Stones is intended to be used as a tool for spiritual development.
  • Start Up Start Over
  • Vestry Resource and Training Bibiliography, Episcopal Resource Center, September 2009
  • Via Media
  • Volunteers
    Want to know the "value" of a volunteer?  How to find them? How to nurture them?  Check out the small document, "Volunteers -- finding them, keeping them, caring for them."