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Diocesan Corporation and Board of Trustees
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With the changes to the diocesan Constitution and Canons in 2007, the functions of Diocesan Corporation and Diocesan Council are combined into Diocesan Corporation, and governed by a Board of Trustees.

The Diocesan Corporation is the legal entity of the Diocese, incorporated under the laws of the State of California as "The Episcopal Church in the Diocese of El Camino Real."   The Diocesan Corporation administers the real property and assets of the diocese, and acts on behalf of and under the authority of Diocesan Convention in-between meetings of Convention to develop and implement the policies, programs, and budget approved and adopted by Convention.  The corporate form of the diocese is "corporation aggregate" which means that the corporation consists of multiple elected and ex-officio board members.

Board of Trustees Roster 2015-2016 (PDF)

President,  The Rt. Rev. Mary Gray-Reeves
Vice President (elected by Board):  Mr. Phil Frey
Secretary, ex-officio: The Rev. Maly Hughes
Treasurer, ex-officio:  Joanna Shreve
Assistant Secretary and Recording Secretary:Frank Snow
Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer:  The Rev. Canon Brian Nordwick
Chancellor:  Nancy Mahoney Cohen
Other elected members are listed in the Roster


BoT Documents

  • Corporation Minutes - contact the diocesan office for minutes

Corporate Audit

Board Accepted Audit Reports for 2012 Financials from Hayashi and Wayland:


Diocesan Budget


 Diocesan Strategic Plan

Approved Minutes