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Diocesan Conventions
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Diocesan Convention establishes and maintains the Constitution and Canons of the diocese. See the description of "Powers of Diocesan Conventions" below.

Meetings of Diocesan Convention

Powers of Diocesan Convention

Convention has the following powers, which are exercised in the manner prescribed by the diocesan Constitution and the Canons:

  • To elect the Bishop of the Diocese, to elect a Bishop Coadjutor, and to elect one or more Suffragan Bishops.
  • To elect all officers, boards, committees and delegations of the Diocese.
  • To confirm appointments made by the Bishop when so required by the Canons.
  • To consider the budgets for each fiscal year and approve them.
  • To determine assessments, quotas, apportionments and askings for the Congregations of the Diocese and to adopt policies with respect to financing its activities.
  • To amend Constitution and to adopt and amend Canons.
  • To admit newly organized Missions and Parishes into union with the Church and to determine the status of every Congregation in union with the Church.
  • To create, to cause to be incorporated and to dissolve such institutions or bodies as it shall see fit.
  • To pass resolutions, to make declarations of policy, to enact such other legislation as may seem proper, and to act upon all other matters properly to come before the Convention.