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Companion Dioceses
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The launch of our triad companion diocese relationship
took place on the First Sunday of Advent, 2008


Companion Relationship News 

Companion Diocese Visitation Updates

In addition to the information on this page, please visit our
World Mission Network Blog (Label:  Triad Companion Relationship)

Download ECR Companion Diocese Brochure (PDF)

flckr photo gallery of June 2010 trip to Gloucester

More June 2010 photos

flickr photo gallery of May 2009 Trip to Gloucester

flickr photo gallery of March 2009 Trip to Tanzania

flickr photo gallery of September 2009 Visit to ECR

Partnership Prayer

Holy God,
source of healing and of peace,
bless with your grace the companion dioceses
of El Camino Real, Gloucester and Western Tanganyika.
Through our partnership one with another
may we grow in mutual affection and communion,
seek a more profound experience of truth,
build up the Church in unity
and give glory to Jesus Christ our Saviour.

11 November 2008

Translation into Swahili:
Ewe Mungu uliye mtakatifu
Asili ya uponyaji na amani, Tunakuomba kwa neema yako
uzibariki dayosisi zinazoshirikiana za El Camino Real, Gloucester
na Western Tanganyika, ili kwa njia ya uhusiano huu kati yetu,
tuweze kukua katika kuungamana pamoja na kuelewana,
tukichuchumilia kuijua kweli yako hata kulijenga kanisa katika umoja
na kumtukuza Yesu Kristo Mwokozi wetu, Amina.

Download Partnership Prayer (PDF) 

Resolution and Agreement

The following resolution was passed unanimously on November 8, 2008
at the 28th Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of El Camino Real

Resolved that the Convention of the Diocese of El Camino Real endorses the formation of a Companion Relationship among this diocese and the Dioceses of Gloucester, England, and Western Tanganyika, Tanzania, beginning as soon as possible and continuing for a period of five years, unless it is terminated by mutual consent, and be it further

Resolved that the Bishop be empowered to establish a representative Companion Relationship Committee to implement this relationship, including the recruitment of persons and congregations in the diocese to participate in this relationship.

Click here for the text of the Partnership Agreement (PDF)


About our Companion Dioceses - Who's Who

Anglican Diocese of Gloucester
Church of England
The Rt. Rev. Michael Perham

A Greeting from Bishop Michael

A link to a video (see instructions*) of Bishop Michael signing the agreement can be found via Bishop Michael's Homepage at:  http://www.gloucester.anglican.org/ministry/bishop/

Photo:  Bishop Michael signing agreement with Archdeacon Hedley Ringrose and the Dean of Gloucester Cathedral


Bishop Michael's Report on the Trip to Tanzania, April 2009


Diocese of Western Tanganyika
Anglican Church of Tanzania
The Rt. Rev. Sadock Makaya


A Greeting from Bishop Gerard, former Bishop of DWT
"Signing of the Agreement" by Canon Mathayo Kasagara



The Episcopal Diocese of El Camino Real
The Episcopal Church
The Rt. Rev. Mary Gray-Reeves

A Greeting from Bishop Mary (text)
YouTube Greeting from Bishop Mary (9 min. 31 sec.)



Bishop Mary's Update, May 13, 2009


  * Instructions for Bishop Michael's Video

Direct link http://www.triptych-design.co.uk/glovidb/Site/Movie.html .  You will be prompted to download and install Apple QuickTime Player in order to view Bishop Michael's video.  Allow several minutes for this process. Then you will need to refresh the page that has the video, and it will take several more minutes for the video to load, then you must explicitly press the play button (right-arrow).  You may need to turn up the volume or use headphones.


Companion Visitiation Updates

 2010 Visits: Photo Gallery on flicker:

 2009 Visits: Photo Gallery on flickr