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Clergy Email Directory

Trinity Cathedral, San Jose

The Very Rev. David J. Bird, Dean, david3933@aol.com (MC)
The Rev. Lee Barford, Deacon, lee.barford@gmail.com (MC)
The Rev. Jerry Drino, Priest in Charge, Sudanese Ministry, jdrino@hopewithsudan.org (retired)
The Rev. Penelope Duckworth, Assoc. Priest (Diocese of California), penelope.duckworth@gmail.com (LTO)
The Rev. Canon Randolf Rice, Assoc. Priest (semi-retired) (MC)

All Saints', Carmel
information at allsaintscarmel.org

The Rev. Rick Matters, Rector, rickmatters@gmail.com (MC)

The Rev. John H. Burk, Assisting Priest (Diocese of Chicago) - johnhb11@att.net (LTO)
The Rev. Holly Hudson-Louis, Chaplain, All Saints Day School, hhudson-louis@asds.org (MC)
The Rev. Cynthia M. Spencer, Assisting Priest - cms614@me.com (MC)

All Saints', Palo Alto

The Rev. Terry Gleeson, Rector - tpgleeson@asaints.org (MC)
The Rev. Canon James W. McLeod, Rector Emeritus - mcleodjames3@gmail.com (retired) (MC)

All Saints' and Cristo Rey, Watsonville

The Rev. Michael Dresbach, Priest-in-charge/Vicar, mgdbach@gmail.com  (MC)

Calvary, Santa Cruz

The Rev. Joel Miller, Rector, rector@calvarysantacruz.org  (MC)
The Rev. Herbert F. Schmidt (ELCA), Associate Clergy, graceherb@aol.com (LTO)

Church of the Good Shepherd, Salinas

The Rev. Linda McConnell, Priest-in-charge, revlinda@goodshepherdcorral.org  (MC)
The Rev. Cynthia Montague, Deacon, Chaplain Monterey County Jail, 39cmont27@sbcglobal.net (MC)

Epiphany Lutheran & Episcopal Church in Marina

The Rev. Jon Perez, Vicar, vicarjon@epiphanymarina.org (MC)

Episcopal Church in Almaden

The Rev. Katharine Flexer, Rector - kflexer@eca-sj.org (MC)

Good Samaritan Church, San Jose -

The Rev. Thomas Sramek, Rector - frtom@goodsamaritanchurch.net
The Rev. Mike Ferrito, Rector - frmike@goodsamaritanchurch.net
The Rev. Joseph Bacigalupo, Associate Priest, opajoe2001@yahoo.com  (retired) (MC)

Holy Child, San Jose

The Rev. Ruth Casipit Paguio, Vicar, ruthcasipit_paguio@yahoo.com (MC)
The Rev. Stephenie R. Cooper, Deacon - ecrweb@earthlink.net (MC)

San Pablo, Salinas 

The Rev. Mario Macias Hauttecoeur, Vicar, mariohmacias@hotmail.com (MC)

San Pablo Apostol, Seaside

The Rev. Martin Juarez, Vicar, sanpabloseaside@gmail.com (MC)
The Rev. Robert Sommer, Deacon, caflyboy1@yahoo.com (MC)

St. Andrew's, Ben Lomond

The Rev. Blaine Hammond, starector@sbcglobal.net (MC)
The Rev. Jim Lieb, Deacon, lieb@sea-troll.net (MC)

St. Andrew's, Saratoga

The Rev. Channing R. Smith, Rector, channing@st-andrews-saratoga.org (MC)
The Rev. Roger Barney, Assoc. Priest, rogerbarney@comcast.net (MC)
The Rev. Floyd Frisch, Associate Priest - scoots1usa@yahoo.com (MC)
The Rev. Debra Low-Skinner, Pastoral Associate (Diocese of California) - revdeb76@msn.com (LTA)
The Rev. Kathleen Crowe, Deacon - kathleencrowe@sbcglobal.net (MC)

St. Barnabas', Arroyo Grande

The Rev. Merritt Greenwood, Interim Rector -  merrittgreenwood@gmail.co

The Rev. Canon Jeremy Bond (Diocese of Central Pennsylvania), Associate Priest  - kajog@charter.net (LTO)

St. Benedict's, Los Osos

The Rev. Dr. Caroline "Caro" Hall, Rector, caro@stbenslososos.org  (MC)
The Rev. Faye Hogan (Diocese of Los Angeles), Assistant, fayehogan@earthlink.net (LTO)
The Rev. Mary Elizabeth Pratt-Horsley, Rector Emeritus MEPrattHorsley@aol.com (retired) (MC)
The Rev. Donna Ross, Associate Priest, donnaross@charter.net (retired) (MC)

St. Dunstan's, Carmel Valley

The Rev. Robert W. Fisher, Rector, rob@saintdunstanschurch.org (MC)
The Rev. Marcia Lockwood, Associate Priest, revmlockwood@gmail.com  (retired) (MC)

St. Francis', San Joseoffice@stfranciswillowglen.org

The Rev. Maly Hughes, Rector, maly@stfranciswillowglen.org (MC)
The Rev. Katherine Baginski Doar, Assistant to the Rector, katherine@stfranciswillowglen.org (MC)
The Rev. Stephenie R. Cooper, Deacon - goib2you@earthlink.net (MC)

St. George's, Salinas

The Rev. Lawrence Robles, Rector, la.robles8@yahoo.com (MC)
The Rev. Tina Heidmann, Deacon (MC) - tjcordy@yahoo.com (MC)
The Rev. Hope Garcia, Deacon (retired) (MC)

St. James', Monterey

The Rev. G. "Jeff" Kohn, gfkohn@redshift.com  (MC)

St. James', Paso Robles

The Rev. Rob Eaton, Interim Rector - interim@stjamespasorobles.org (LTO)

The Rev. Jacqueline Sebro, Deacon jmsebro@tcsn.net (MC)
The Rev. Lyle Grosjean, l.grosjean@charter.net (retired) (MC)

St. John's, Aptos 

The Rev. Steven Ellis, Rector silleevets@gmail.com (MC)
The Rev. Eliza M. Linley, Assoc. Priest, ammaeliza@igc.org  (MC)
The Rev. Stuart A. Schlegel, Assoc. Priest, schlegel@cruzio.com (retired) (MC)
The Rev. Ann-Lining Smith (Diocese of California) (LTO)

St. John's Chapel, Monterey

The Rev. Robert M. Ott, Rector, bobstjohnschapel@redshift.com (MC)

St. John's, Morgan Hill - sjdivinemh@verizon.net

The Rev. Philip Cooke, philipcooke@msn.com (MC)

St. Joseph's, Milpitas

The Rev. Ernest Boyer, Priest-in-Charge, boyer.ernest@gmail.com (MC)

St. Jude's, Cupertino

The Rev. Wilma Jakobsen, Rector, wilma@saintjudes.org (MC)
The Rev. John Buenz, Assoc. Priest, jbuenz0835@att.net (retired) (MC)
The Rev. Robert J. Hansen, Assoc. Priest, hansputt@sbcglobal.net  (retired) (MC)
The Rev. Elizabeth "Beth" Parab, Associate Rector, bethparab@gmail.com (MC)
The Rev. Robert Williams, Deacon - bob_williams1@comcast.net (Ret)

St. Luke's, Atascadero

The Rev. Matthew Conrad, Rector, frmattconrad@hotmail.com (MC)

St. Luke's, Hollister

The Rev. Amy Denney-Zuniga, Rector, amydenneyzuniga@gmail.com (MC)
The Rev. Joan Anderson, Deacon (MC) - deaconjoananderson@gmail.com (MC)

St. Luke's, Jolon - None

The Rev. Canon Robert Seifert, Deacon, Administrative Vicar, robseifert@sbcglobal.net (MC)

St. Luke's, Los Gatos

The Rev. David Breuer, Rector, drbreuer@stlukeslg.org (MC)
The Rev. Ernest Cockrell,Assoc. Priest - ewcjsc@sbcglobal.net (retired) (MC)
The Rev. R. Clark Emerson, Assoc. Priest, bellsandincense@att.net (MC)
The Rev. Nayan McNeill, Assoc. Priest, nayan9@verizon.net (MC)

St. Mark's, King City

St. Mark's, Santa Clara - office@st-marks.org

The Rev. Michael T. HIller, SCP, Interim  Rector - priestly@batnet.com

St. Mary's, Pacific Grove

The Rev. Richard Leslie, Rector, richard@stmarysbythesea.org  (MC)
The Rev. Dwight Edwards, Rector Emeritus, dwightandrosi@redshift.com (retired) (MC)
The Rev. J. Kevin Philips, Associate Priest, kphilips@jtm-exc.org (MC)

St. Matthew's, San Ardo

William "Bart" Bartosh, Lay Vicar, wbartosh@slonet.org
The Rev. Susan Allen, Associate Priest (Retired) (MC)

St. Paul's, Cambria

Open Position

St. Paul's, Salinas

The Rev. James Ezell, Rector, jvemailbox-stpauls@yahoo.com (MC)
The Rev. Arnold Hedlund, Associate Priest, janhedlund@redshift.com  (Emergency Supply only, no long distance) (MC)
The Rev. Donna Elder, Deacon, bonprofesseur@yahoo.com (MC)

St. Peter's, Morro Bay

The Rev. Sid Symington - sid@stpetersmorrobay.com (MC)

St. Philip the Apostle, Scotts Valley

The Rev. Mary Blessing, Rector, pastor.stphilips.sv@gmail.com  (MC)
The Rev. John L. Duncan (Diocese of Northern California), Associate Priest, jnjduncan@yahoo.com (LTA)
The Rev. Lucretia Mann, Deacon-Transitional - lwm9795@sbcglobal.net (MC)

St. Philip, Deacon & Evangelist, San Jose

The Rev. M. Lucie Thomas, Priest-in-Charge - lucie.thomas@stphilips.org
The Rev. Peggy Bryan, Pastoral Associate for Outreach - peggy.bryan@stphilips.org (MC)
The Rev. Philip "Hank" LeBeau, Associate Priest (MC)

St. Stephen's, Gilroy

The Rev. Clarence "Terry" Burley, revCAB@aol.com (MC)

St. Stephen's-in-the-Field, San Jose

The Rev. Kenneth Wratten, rector@ssitf.org (MC)

St. Stephen's, San Luis Obispo

The Rev. Amber Sturgess, Interim Rector -  asturgess@msn.com
The Rev. Thomas Tarwater, Deacon, pammyers@charter.net (MC)
The Rev. Anne F. Wall, Deacon, annefwall@aol.com (MC)

St.Thomas', Sunnyvale

The Rev. Rob Keim, Interim Rector, rkeim11@gmail.com (LTA)
The Rev. Michael Ridgway, Deacon, revridgway@gmail.com  (MC)
The Rev. Canon Sheldon Hutchison, Missioner to Silicon Valley, sheldonhutchison@aol.com (MC)

St. Timothy's, Mountain View

The Rev. Ron Griffin, Rector, rector@sttims.org  (MC)



Other Clergy (non-parochial & Licensed to Officiate)......
Adams, The Rev. Gary (Retired)

Adams, The Rev. John S. - johnadams@redshift.com

Ahlvin, The Rev. Judith, Deacon - jahlvin@me.com

Ain, The Rev. Judith, Deacon - judithain@mac.com (MC)

Anderson, The Rev. Rosemarie (retired)

Ayers, The Rev.  Cameron (Diocese of California), Chaplain, St. Andrew's School

Bailey, The Rev. Carl Lynn (Sierra Pacific Synod ELCA) (LTA)

Beason, The Rev. Kenneth - kbeason@att.net (retired)

Bennett, The Rev. Rachel -

Beizer, The Rev. Lance LBeizer@yahoo.com (MC)

Blundell, The Rev. Gayle Deacon, swanswent@gmail.com (MC)

Bourne-Raiswell, The Rev. Margaret - revmlbr@aol.com

Bramlett, The. Rev. Bruce R. - brucebramlett@sbcglobal.net

Buck, The Rev. Martha, Deacon - mbccg@aol.com (MC)

Catalano, The Rev. Patricia Catalano - rev.pati@gmail.com

Collins, The Rev. Jim - revjamescollins@gmail.com (MC)

Coverston, The Rev. Harry - hcoverst@mail.ucf.edu

Cowans, The Rev. William - wmc711@mac.com (retired)

Crawley, The Rev. Clayton (Church Pension Group) - ccrawley@cpg.org

Creed, The Rev. Chris, Chair of Constitution and Canons Committee - frcreed@aol.com (MC)

Dallman, The Rev. Donald J. (Lutheran ELCA) - jdonsopa@charter.net (LTO)

Dod, The Rev. David (retired) - revdod44@aol.com

Duffty, The Rev. Bryan, Deacon (retired)

Ennolikara, The Rev. Jacob (retired)

Eustace, The Rev. Paul, Deacon - warrenpe@gmail.com

Flynn, The Rev. Gerad (Diocese of Waiapu) - geradflynn@hotmail.com (LTO)

Fuselier, The Rev. Don - revchfdon@sbcglobal.net (MC)

Gardner, The Rev. Joan revjoan@gardner1.net (retired) (MC)

Glaser, The Rev. Geoffrey (Diocese of Arizona) - desertdolphins@msn.com

Gonzales, The Rev. Ricardo rgonzal05@sbcglobal.net (MC)

Gray-Reeves, The Rt. Rev. Mary, Bishop of El Camino Real - bishopmary@edecr.org (MC)

Greeley, Horace (Diocese of California) (LTO)

Hansen, The Rev. Carl, chansen@slofoodbank.org, Long-term supply priest (retired) (MC)

Hansen, The Rev. Robert F. - RRRFHMC@aol.com (retired)

Hart, The Rev. Valerie - valerieannhart@aol.com   (MC)

Higgit, The Rev. Noel

Howe, The Rev. Wendy wshowe@comcast.net (MC)

Johnston, The Rev. Laurel Ann E. Johnston - ljohnston@episcopalchurch.org (MC)

Jones, The Rev. David G. (retired)

Jones, The Rev. David J. (retired - in France) - davidjjones@free.fr

Joo, the Rev. Nak-Hyon Joseph (Diocese of Seoul, the Anglican Church of Korea) - frjoo@yahoo.com (LTA)

King, The Rev. Christopher (Diocese of New York) - cking@dioceseny.org (retired)

Kraemer, The Rev. Jeff - cjeffkraemer@gmail.com (retired)

Lentz, The Rev. Julian

Levine, The Rev. Paul (retired)

Linville, The Rev. Harriet - revharriet20@comcast.net (retired) (MC)

Lucas, The Rev. Alison, Deacon, acl222@aol.com (MC)

Mallory, The Rt. Rev. Charles Shannon, First Bishop of El Camino Real - stmallory@yahoo.com (retired)

Mather-Hempler, The Rev. Portia - revpmh7@yahoo.com (MC)

Mayer, The Rev. Robert, robertjmayer5703@comcast.net (retired) (MC)

McCoid, The Rev. Dean, Deacon dmccoid@sbcglobal.net (retired)

McKenney, The Rev. Mary-Lou - revmckenney@gmail.com (retired) (MC)

Merrill, The Rev. Richard - rhmerrill2@verizon.net (retired)

Miller, The Rev. Canon Renee - Thedesertspirit@yahoo.com

Miller, The Rev. Susan - susanhmiller@earthlink.net(retired) (MC)

Mills, The Rev. Steve - stephenmills09@gmail.com (retired) (MC)

Montgomery, The Rev. Ian - ibmontgomery@gmail.com (MC)

Morrison, The Rev. Mary K.- mkmorrison1@me.com (retired, MC)

Neal, Linda, Deacon - coaster1149@aol.com

Nelson, The Rev. Julie - julien650@gmail.com (MC)

Newlin, The Rev. Melissa, Deacon -  mdnewlin@redshift.com 

Neville, The Rev. Rob - robneville@mac.com

Nordwick, The Rev. Canon Brian (Deacon, Diocesan Administrator) - brian@edecr.org (MC)

Pace, The Rev. David - padav381@aol.com (retired) (MC)

Palmer, The Rev. John Avery, Deacon - averysaloha@hotmail.com (retired) (MC)

Pearce, The Rev. Philip (ret) - danielp@mbay.net (retired)

Pinkerton, The Rev. Patricia E. L. - lammascottage@yahoo.com (retired)

Raj, The Rev. Vincent - frvincentraj1971@gmail.com (retired) (MC)

Ramsden, The Rev. Charles (Diocese of Idaho) - charles.ramsden@comcast.net (LTO)

Reyes, The Rev. Canon Jesús (Canon for Congregational Growth and Development) - JesusReyes@edecr.org (MC)

Romero, The Rt. Rev. Silvestre - donatosyl@yahoo.com (LTO)

Romero, The Rev. Silvestre - frromero@verizon.net (MC)

Rosson, The Rev. Reginald (retired)

Shan, The Rev. Becky King-Chu  (retired) (MC)

Smith, The Rev. Wendy (retired) (MC) - wsmithca@earthlink.net

Somes, The Rev. Norman - somes@charter.net (retired)

Stafford, The Very Rev. William (Diocese of Virginia) - villagrande3@gmail.com (retired) (LTO)

Stearns, The Rev. Fellow "Sonny"  (retired) (MC)

Stewart, The Rev. Natalie, Deacon - nataliestewart@earthlink.net (MC)

Strasburger, The Rev. Roy (retired)

Swanson, The Rev. Karen - karens.2.swanson@gmail.com (MC)

Tavernetti, The Rev. Suzanne "Sue", Deacon- suetavernetti@sbcglobal.net (retired) (MC)

Taylor, The Rev. Canon Linda - canonlinda@gmail.com  (retired) (MC)

Thomas, The Rev. Canon James - jmthomasca@yahoo.com (retired) (MC)

Thompson, The Rev. Peggy, Deacon - getpeg@mchsi.net (retired)

Turner, The Rev. C. Barry -  carltonba@msn.com (retired) (MC)

Weber, The Ven. Claudia Jo, Deacon, Archdeacon of El Camino Real, JoWeber@alum.vassar.edu (MC)

Wharton, The Rev. Roger (Chaplain, Seasons Hospice, San Jose) - roger@ecospirit.org (MC)

White, The Rev. Connie (Executive Director, Victim Offender Reconciliation Program) - conniewht8@gmail.com (retired) (MC)

White, The Rev. Karin - revkarinwhite@yahoo.com (MC)

Whitten, The Rev. W. Roy (retired)

Williams, The Rev. Canon Douglas - canonwms@telus.net (retired - Canada)

Wilson, The Rev. Catherine "Kate" - katewilson725@yahoo.com (MC)

Wilson, The Rev. Edward (Chaplain, Los Gatos Meadows) - shalomed@sbcglobal.net (MC)

 Wiltsee, The Rev. Lamont - lamontwiltsee@comcast.net (retired) (MC)