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Clergy Email Directory

Trinity Cathedral, San Jose

The Very Rev. David J. Bird, Dean, david3933@aol.com (MC)
The Rev. Lee Barford, Deacon, lee.barford@gmail.com (MC)
The Rev. Jerry Drino, Priest in Charge, Sudanese Ministry, jdrino@hopewithsudan.org (retired) (MC)
The Rev. Penelope Duckworth, Assoc. Priest (Diocese of California), penelope.duckworth@gmail.com (LTA)
The Rev. Canon Randolf Rice, Assoc. Priest (semi-retired) (MC)

All Saints', Carmel
information at allsaintscarmel.org

The Rev. Rick Matters, Rector, rickmatters@gmail.com (MC)

The Rev. Gwen Buehrens, Assisting Priest (Diocese of Massachusettes) - gbuehrens@comcast.net (LTO)
The Rev. John H. Burk, Assisting Priest (Diocese of Chicago) - johnhb11@att.net (LTO)
The Rev. Holly Hudson-Louis, Chaplain, All Saints Day School, hhudson-louis@asds.org (MC)
The Rev. Cynthia M. Spencer, Assisting Priest - cms614@me.com (MC)

All Saints', Palo Alto

The Rev. Terry Gleeson, Rector - tpgleeson@asaints.org (MC)
The Rev. Canon James W. McLeod, Rector Emeritus - mcleodjames3@gmail.com (retired) (MC)

All Saints' and Cristo Rey, Watsonville

The Rev. Michael Dresbach, Priest-in-charge/Vicar, mgdbach@gmail.com  (MC)

Calvary, Santa Cruz

The Rev. Joel Miller, Rector, rector@calvarysantacruz.org  (MC)
The Rev Brian P. Hall, Associate Priest, brian@valuestech.com 
The Rev. Herbert F. Schmidt (ELCA), Associate Clergy, graceherb@aol.com (LTO)

Church of the Good Shepherd, Salinas - office@goodshepherdcorral.org

The Rev. Linda McConnell, Priest-in-charge, revlinda@goodshepherdcorral.org  (MC)
The Rev. Cynthia Montague, Deacon, Chaplain Monterey County Jail, 39cmont27@sbcglobal.net (MC)

Epiphany Lutheran & Episcopal Church in Marina - www.epiphanymarina.org

The Rev. Jon Perez, Vicar, vicarjon@epiphanymarina.org (MC)

Episcopal Church in Almaden - office@eca-sj.org

The Rev. Katharine Flexer, Rector - kflexer@eca-sj.org (MC)

Good Samaritan Church, San Jose -

The Rev. Thomas Sramek, Rector - frtom@goodsamaritanchurch.net
The Rev. Mike Ferrito, Rector - frmike@goodsamaritanchurch.net
The Rev. Joseph Bacigalupo, Associate Priest, opajoe2001@yahoo.com  (retired) (MC)

Holy Child, San Jose

The Rev. Ruth Casipit Paguio, Vicar, ruthcasipit_paguio@yahoo.com (MC)
The Rev. Stephenie R. Cooper, Deacon - ecrweb@earthlink.net (MC)

San Pablo, Salinas 

The Rev. Mario Macias Hauttecoeur, Vicar, mariohmacias@hotmail.com (MC)

San Pablo Apostol, Seaside

The Rev. Martin Juarez, Vicar, sanpabloseaside@gmail.com (MC)
The Rev. Robert Sommer, Deacon, caflyboy1@yahoo.com (MC)

St. Andrew's, Ben Lomondstaoffice@sbcglobal.net 

The Rev. Blaine Hammond, starector@sbcglobal.net (MC)
The Rev. Jim Lieb, Deacon, lieb@sea-troll.net (MC)

St. Andrew's, Saratoga - office@st-andrews-saratoga.org

The Rev. Channing R. Smith, Rector, channing@st-andrews-saratoga.org (MC)
The Rev. Roger Barney, Assoc. Priest, rogerbarney@comcast.net (MC)
The Rev. Floyd Frisch, Associate Priest - scoots1usa@yahoo.com (MC)
The Rev. Debra Low-Skinner, Pastoral Associate (Diocese of California) - revdeb76@msn.com (LTA)
The Rev. Kathleen Crowe, Deacon - kathleencrowe@sbcglobal.net (MC)

St. Barnabas', Arroyo Grandesaintbarnabas@sbcglobal.net

The Rev. Merritt Greenwood, Interim Rector -  merrittgreenwood@gmail.com

The Rev. Sandra Barnard, Associate Priest - revrednsoh@mycelery.net (MC)
The Rev. Canon Jeremy Bond (Diocese of Central Pennsylvania), Associate Priest  - kajog@charter.net (LTO)

St. Benedict's, Los Osos - stbenedicts1@aol.com

The Rev. Dr. Caroline "Caro" Hall, Rector, stbenedicts1@aol.com  (MC)
The Rev. Faye Hogan (Diocese of Los Angeles), Assistant, fayehogan@earthlink.net (LTO)
The Rev. Mary Elizabeth Pratt-Horsley, Rector Emeritus MEPrattHorsley@aol.com (retired) (MC)
The Rev. Donna Ross, Associate Priest, donnaross@charter.net (retired) (MC)

St. Dunstan's, Carmel Valleyoffice@saintdunstanschurch.org

The Rev. Robert W. Fisher, Rector, rob@saintdunstanschurch.org (MC)
The Rev. Marcia Lockwood, Associate Priest, revmlockwood@gmail.com  (retired) (MC)

St. Francis', San Joseoffice@stfranciswillowglen.org

The Rev. Maly Hughes, Rector, maly@stfranciswillowglen.org (MC)
The Rev. Katherine Baginski Doar, Assistant to the Rector, katherine@stfranciswillowglen.org (MC)
The Rev. Rick Bender, Deacon, thebenderclan@gmail.com (MC)
The Rev. Stephenie R. Cooper, Deacon - goib2you@earthlink.net (MC)

St. George's, Salinas - stgeorge12@msn.com

The Rev. Lawrence Robles, Rector, la.robles8@yahoo.com (MC)
The Rev. Tina Heidmann, Deacon (MC) - tjcordy@yahoo.com
The Rev. Hope Garcia, Deacon (retired) (MC)

St. James', Monterey - www.saintjamesmonterey.org 

The Rev. G. "Jeff" Kohn, gfkohn@redshift.com  (MC)

St. James', Paso Robles - st.james.pr@juno.com
The Rev. Rob Eaton, Interim Rector - interim@stjamespasorobles.org

The Rev. Jacqueline Sebro, Deacon jmsebro@tcsn.net (MC)
The Rev. Lyle Grosjean, l.grosjean@charter.net (retired)

St. John's, Aptos - sjseacliff@gmail.com

The Rev. Steven Ellis, Rector silleevets@gmail.com (MC)
The Rev. Eliza M. Linley, Assoc. Priest, ammaeliza@igc.org  (MC)
The Rev. Stuart A. Schlegel, Assoc. Priest, schlegel@cruzio.com (retired) (MC)
The Rev. Ann-Lining Smith (Diocese of California) (LTA)

St. John's Chapel, Monterey - stjohnschapel@redshift.com

The Rev. Robert M. Ott, Rector, bobstjohnschapel@redshift.com (MC)

St. John's, Morgan Hill - sjdivinemh@verizon.net

The Rev. Philip Cooke, philipcooke@msn.com (MC)

St. Joseph's, Milpitas

The Rev. Ernest Boyer, Priest-in-Charge, boyer.ernest@gmail.com (MC)

St. Jude's, Cupertino - office@saintjudes.org

The Rev. Wilma Jakobsen, Rector, wilma@saintjudes.org (MC)
The Rev. John Buenz, Assoc. Priest, jbuenz0835@att.net (retired) (MC)
The Rev. Robert J. Hansen, Assoc. Priest, hansputt@sbcglobal.net  (retired) (MC)
The Rev. Elizabeth "Beth" Parab, Associate Rector, bethparab@gmail.com (MC)
The Rev. Robert Williams, Deacon - bob_williams1@comcast.net (MC) 

St. Luke's, Atascadero - office@stlukesatascadero.org

The Rev. Matthew Conrad, Rector, frmattconrad@hotmail.com (MC)

St. Luke's, Hollister - stluke@garlic.com

The Rev. Amy Denney-Zuniga, Rector, amydenneyzuniga@gmail.com (MC)
The Rev. Joan Anderson, Deacon (MC) - deaconjoananderson@gmail.com (MC)

St. Luke's, Jolon - None

The Rev. Canon Robert Seifert, Deacon, Administrative Vicar, robseifert@sbcglobal.net (MC)

St. Luke's, Los Gatos - office@StLukesLG.org

The Rev. David Breuer, Rector, drbreuer@stlukeslg.org (MC)
The Rev. Ernest Cockrell,Assoc. Priest - ewcjsc@sbcglobal.net (retired) (MC)
The Rev. R. Clark Emerson, Assoc. Priest, bellsandincense@att.net (MC)
The Rev. Nayan McNeill, Assoc. Priest, nayan9@verizon.net (MC)

St. Mark's, King City - office@stmarkskingcity.org

The Rev. Don Fuselier, Deacon, Admnistrative Vicar - revchfdon@sbcglobal.net (MC)

St. Mark's, Santa Clara - office@st-marks.org

The Rev. Michael T. HIller, SCP, Interim  Rector - priestly@batnet.com

St. Mary's, Pacific Grove - richard@stmarysbythesea.org

The Rev. Richard Leslie, Rector, richard@stmarysbythesea.org  (MC)
The Rev. Dwight Edwards, Rector Emeritus, dwightandrosi@redshift.com (retired) (MC)
The Rev. J. Kevin Philips, Associate Priest, kphilips@jtm-exc.org (MC)
The Rev. Michael E. Reid, Associate Rector, associaterector@stmarysbythesea.org (MC)

St. Matthew's, San Ardo

William "Bart" Bartosh, Lay Vicar, wbartosh@slonet.org
The Rev. Susan Allen, Associate Priest, revsallen@sbcglobal.net (Retired) (MC)

St. Paul's, Cambria - stpauls@stpaulscambria.org

The Rev. Fred Heard, Rector, rectorfred@gmail.com (MC)

St. Paul's, Salinas - stpauls.salinas@gmail.com

The Rev. James Ezell, Rector, jvemailbox-stpauls@yahoo.com (MC)
The Rev. Arnold Hedlund, Associate Priest, janhedlund@redshift.com  (Emergency Supply only, no long distance) (MC)
The Rev. Donna Elder, Deacon, bonprofesseur@yahoo.com (MC)

St. Peter's, Morro Bay - stpeters1@sbcglobal.net

The Rev. Sid Symington - sid@stpetersmorrobay.com (MC)

St. Philip the Apostle, Scotts Valley - stphilip.sv.@gmail.com

The Rev. Mary Blessing, Rector, pastor.stphilips.sv@gmail.com  (MC)
The Rev. John L. Duncan (Diocese of Northern California), Associate Priest, jnjduncan@yahoo.com (LTA)
The Rev. Lucretia Mann, Deacon-Transitional - lwm9795@sbcglobal.net

St. Philip the Deacon, San Jose - info@stphilips.org

The Rev. Peggy Bryan, Interim, peggy.bryan@stphilips.org (MC)
The Rev. Philip "Hank" LeBeau, Associate Priest (MC)
The Rev. Jacob Ennolikara, Associate Priest (retired)
The Rt. Reverend Sylvestre Romero (Diocese of New Jersey) - sylvestreromero@yahoo.com (LTO)

St. Stephen's, Gilroy - ststgilroy@charterinternet.com

The Rev. Clarence "Terry" Burley, revCAB@aol.com (MC)

St. Stephen's-in-the-Field, San Jose - www.ststephensin† Thefields.org

The Rev. Kenneth Wratten, rector@ssitf.org (MC)

St. Stephen's, San Luis Obispo - ststephenslo@gmail.com

The Rev. Amber Sturgess, Interim Rector -  asturgess@msn.com
The Rev. Dennis Odekirk (Diocese of Los Angeles), Associate Priest (LTO)
The Rev. Thomas Tarwater, Deacon, pammyers@charter.net (MC)
The Rev. Anne F. Wall, Deacon, annefwall@aol.com (MC)

St.Thomas', Sunnyvale - office@stthomas-svale.org

The Rev. Rob Keim, Interim Rector, rkeim11@gmail.com (LTA)
The Rev. Michael Ridgway, Deacon, revridgway@gmail.com  (MC)
The Rev. Canon Sheldon Hutchison, Missioner to Silicon Valley, sheldonhutchison@aol.com (MC)

St. Timothy's, Mountain Viewwww.sttims.org 

The Rev. Ron Griffin, Rector, rector@sttims.org  (MC)



Other Clergy (non-parochial & Licensed to Officiate)......
Adams, The Rev. Gary (Retired)

Adams, The Rev. John S. - johnadams@redshift.com

Ahlvin, The Rev. Judith, Deacon - jahlvin@me.com

Ain, The Rev. Judith, Deacon - judithain@mac.com (MC)

Anderson, The Rev. Rosemarie (retired)

Avila, The Rev. Ricardo (Diocese of California). - ricotime@mac.com

Ayers, The Rev.  Cameron (Diocese of California), Chaplain, St. Andrew's School

Bailey, The Rev. Carl Lynn (Sierra Pacific Synod ELCA) (LTA)

Beason, The Rev. Kenneth - kbeason@att.net (retired)

Bennett, The Rev. Rachel -

Beitzel, The Rev. Wallace (Diocese of Utah) - wbeitzel@prodigy.net (LTO)

Beizer, The Rev. Lance LBeizer@yahoo.com (MC)

Blundell, The Rev. Gayle Deacon, swanswent@gmail.com (MC)

Bourne-Raiswell, The Rev. Margaret - revmlbr@aol.com

Bramlett, The. Rev. Bruce R. - brucebramlett@sbcglobal.net

Buck, The Rev. Martha, Deacon - mbccg@aol.com (MC)

Buehrens, Gwen (Diocese of Massachusettes) - gbuehrens@comcast.net (LTO)

Catalano, The Rev. Patricia Catalano - rev.pati@gmail.com

Collins, The Rev. Jim - revjamescollins@gmail.com (MC)

Coverston, The Rev. Harry - hcoverst@mail.ucf.edu

Cowans, The Rev. William - wmc711@mac.com (retired)

Crawley, The Rev. Clayton (Church Pension Group) - ccrawley@cpg.org

Creed, The Rev. Chris, Chair of Constitution and Canons Committee - frcreed@aol.com (MC)

Dallman, The Rev. Donald J. (Lutheran ELCA) - jdonsopa@charter.net (LTO)

Dod, The Rev. David (retired) - revdod44@aol.com

Duffty, The Rev. Bryan, Deacon (retired)

Eustace, The Rev. Paul, Deacon - warrenpe@gmail.com

Flynn, The Rev. Gerad (Diocese of Waiapu) - geradflynn@hotmail.com (LTO)

Gardner, The Rev. Joan revjoan@gardner1.net (retired) (MC)

Glaser, The Rev. Geoffrey (Diocese of Arizona) - desertdolphins@msn.com

Gonzales, The Rev. Ricardo rgonzal05@sbcglobal.net (MC)

Gray-Reeves, The Rt. Rev. Mary, Bishop of El Camino Real - bishopmary@edecr.org (MC)

Greeley, Horace (Diocese of California) (LTO)

Hansen, The Rev. Carl, chansen@slofoodbank.org, Long-term supply priest (retired) (MC)

Hansen, The Rev. Robert F. - RRRFHMC@aol.com (retired)

Hart, The Rev. Valerie - valerieannhart@aol.com   (MC)

Higgit, The Rev. Noel

Howe, The Rev. Wendy wshowe@comcast.net (MC)

Johnston, The Rev. Laurel Ann E. Johnston - ljohnston@episcopalchurch.org (MC)

Jones, The Rev. David G. (retired)

Jones, The Rev. David J. (retired - in France) - davidjjones@free.fr

Joo, the Rev. Nak-Hyon Joseph (Diocese of Seoul, the Anglican Church of Korea) - frjoo@yahoo.com (LTA)

Keyser-Mary, Catherine (Diocese of Los Angeles) - mothercatherine@gmail.com (LTA)

King, The Rev. Christopher (Diocese of New York) - cking@dioceseny.org (retired)

Kraemer, The Rev. Jeff - cjeffkraemer@gmail.com (retired)

Lentz, The Rev. Julian

Levine, The Rev. Paul (retired)

Linville, The Rev. Harriet - revharriet20@comcast.net (retired) (MC)

Lucas, The Rev. Alison, Deacon, acl222@aol.com (MC)

Mallory, The Rt. Rev. Charles Shannon, First Bishop of El Camino Real - stmallory@yahoo.com (retired)

Mather-Hempler, The Rev. Portia - revpmh7@yahoo.com (MC)

Mayer, The Rev. Robert, robertjmayer5703@comcast.net (retired) (MC)

McCoid, The Rev. Dean, Deacon dmccoid@sbcglobal.net (retired)

McKenney, The Rev. Mary-Lou - revmckenney@gmail.com (retired) (MC)

Merrill, The Rev. Richard - rhmerrill2@verizon.net (retired)

Miller, The Rev. Canon Renee - Thedesertspirit@yahoo.com

Miller, The Rev. Susan - susanhmiller@earthlink.net(retired) (MC)

Mills, The Rev. Steve - stephenmills09@gmail.com (retired) (MC)

Montgomery, The Rev. Ian - ibmontgomery@gmail.com (MC)

Morrison, The Rev. Mary K.- mkmorrison1@me.com (retired, MC)

Neal, Linda, Deacon - coaster1149@aol.com

Nelson, The Rev. Julie - julien650@gmail.com (MC)

Newlin, The Rev. Melissa, Deacon -  mdnewlin@redshift.com 

Neville, The Rev. Rob - robneville@mac.com

Nordwick, The Rev. Canon Brian (Deacon, Diocesan Administrator) - brian@edecr.org (MC)

Pace, The Rev. David - padav381@aol.com (retired) (MC)

Palmer, The Rev. John Avery, Deacon - averysaloha@hotmail.com (retired) (MC)

Pearce, The Rev. Philip (ret) - danielp@mbay.net (retired)

Pinkerton, The Rev. Patricia E. L. - lammascottage@yahoo.com (retired)

Politzer, The Rev. Jerome (retired)

Raj, The Rev. Vincent - frvincentraj1971@gmail.com (retired) (MC)

Ramsden, The Rev. Charles (Diocese of Idaho) - charles.ramsden@comcast.net (LTO)

Reyes, The Rev. Canon Jesús (Canon for Congregational Growth and Development) - JesusReyes@edecr.org (MC)

Romero, The Rev. Silvestre - frromero@verizon.net (MC)

Rosson, The Rev. Reginald (retired)

Shan, The Rev. Becky King-Chu  (retired) (MC)

Smith, The Rev. Wendy (retired) (MC) - wsmithca@earthlink.net

Somes, The Rev. Norman - somes@charter.net (retired)

Stafford, The Very Rev. William (Diocese of Virginia) - villagrande3@gmail.com (retired) (LTO)

Stearns, The Rev. Fellow "Sonny"  (retired) (MC)

Stewart, The Rev. Natalie, Deacon - nataliestewart@earthlink.net (MC)

Strasburger, The Rev. Roy (retired)

Swanson, The Rev. Karen - karens.2.swanson@gmail.com (MC)

Tavernetti, The Rev. Suzanne "Sue", Deacon- suetavernetti@sbcglobal.net (retired) (MC)

Taylor, The Rev. Canon Linda - canonlinda@gmail.com  (retired) (MC)

Thomas, The Rev. Canon James - jmthomasca@yahoo.com (retired) (MC)

Thompson, The Rev. Peggy, Deacon - getpeg@mchsi.net (retired)

Turner, The Rev. C. Barry -  carltonba@msn.com (retired) (MC)

Weber, The Ven. Claudia Jo, Deacon, Archdeacon of El Camino Real, JoWeber@alum.vassar.edu (MC)

Wharton, The Rev. Roger (Chaplain, Seasons Hospice, San Jose) - roger@ecospirit.org (MC)

White, The Rev. Connie (Executive Director, Victim Offender Reconciliation Program) - conniewht8@gmail.com (retired) (MC)

White, The Rev. Karin - revkarinwhite@yahoo.com (MC)

Whitten, The Rev. W. Roy (retired)

Williams, The Rev. Canon Douglas - canonwms@telus.net (retired - Canada)

Wilson, The Rev. Catherine "Kate" - katewilson725@yahoo.com (MC)

Wilson, The Rev. Edward (Chaplain, Los Gatos Meadows) - shalomed@sbcglobal.net (MC)

 Wiltsee, The Rev. Lamont - lamontwiltsee@comcast.net (retired) (MC)